Commercial coffee started to be called that way some years ago when the certified and Specialty coffees gained importance in the coffee world.


The world consumption in 2013 was around 130.000.000 bags of 60kgs where most of it is the called commercial coffees. In fact, the volume of those coffees is what basically differentiates them from the others as the origins are the same. What differentiates one from another is also quality, certification and ways of preparation.

Coffee, in a way, could not be called a commodity because it has so many different qualities and specifications that just the commercial coffees, which are traded according to descriptions could so be called a commodity.


The large roasters around the world buy 80% of commercial coffees plus 20% of specialty and certified coffees.

Just to have an idea about the lot sizes of a commercial coffee and others, usually the commercial coffees are traded in volumes of 10 containers of 20´ per shipment while the others are traded around 01 to 02 containers per shipment.