Lanço Trading AG


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Lanço Trading AG


Gewerbestrasse 6

6330 Cham



Tel. +41 (0) 41 552 0160

Fax +41 (0) 41 552 0169

From our offices in the canton of Zug, Switzerland the whole Lanço Group is managed and all trading, logistics and financial activities are located here.


We concentrate on the sourcing of high quality coffee, primarily from our subsidiary Proud in Brazil and our Joint Venture partner GMR in Vietnam as well as from selected Third Parties.


Our customers know us as a reliable business partner with sound know how in logistics and access to financial instruments to enable trade transactions.

Lanço Trading AG

Gewerbestrasse 6                        + 41 (0) 41 552 0160

CH-6330 Cham                   


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Headquarter Zug